Going back to the Earth

Ever since the dawn of man we have sought to live in some form of comfortable living, safe from the elements.  As time went on, we have sought new innovations to make our dwelling places more comfortable. We managed to find a way to have a fire inside to keep us warm and cook our food which was safer and healthier. That was huge for the pioneers they were having larger and larger families to be able to stay comfortable and to be able to cook indoors and care for their children. I think at this point you could do just about anything inside except to go to the bathroom. We were still using outhouses to relieve ourselves which was fine, except when it was below freezing or when we were sick and didn’t want to be exposed to more germs.

early settlers homes

Thanks to the Romans, we have developed the element of indoor plumbing that allows us to take that last function of our human lives and bring it that indoors as well. What can make life any better? Because we are evolving species, we will never stop innovating and developing. The next transformation came along when Thomas Edison discover electricity and ways to bring light into our homes without the use of candles. You could produce more light for longer periods of time with just a little bit of electricity. That lead the way for a multitude of devices to come into our lives because of the use of electricity. The old wood burning stove was replaced by an electric model they can cook on top as well as inside. We also no longer had to wash dishes by hand or clothes as they were all done by machine. We were just living the life.

antique appliances

So what now becomes really interesting, is that we’ve come so far technically, and now we are actually going back to our roots to rely on nature once again. Because of the green movement and the desire to burn less natural resources, we are looking to the planet once again for heating and cooling. The new innovation in home science is geothermal heating and cooling. Search companies like S&S HVAC are using this technique as a primary tool to offer their clients. All of their Wayne air conditioning customers are told about the benefits of green utilities. We are now realizing that the earth actually offers everything we ever needed, but we were distracted and we’re burning up her resources in unhealthy ways.  So the new innovations of the future are going to be where we harness the earth’s natural resources, without destroying them. That will give us an unlimited source of everything we need for all future generations.